Women as Pirates?

Our very own Lindsay Guimbellot recently posted about the “Top 10 Women Pirates” on Odyssey Online. In this post, she discusses several female pirates, many whom we will discuss in class. Thanks to Lindsay for providing the perfect segue into the next topic of the class, which we will pick up after the break!

Here is an excerpt of Lindsay’s post, with a link to the full article below.

10. Rachael Wall636171116242963289-1341058479_desktop-1413341703

Wall was the only known American pirate. She married George Wall and tried to settle in Boston. The two were always poor so when she procured a small boat she saw oportunity. She used the boat to go out after storms pretending to be ravaged. After boarding the unwitting ship they would murder and steal. This ended when a storm passed through and destroyed her boat and killed her husband. She continued to steal on land and was arrested. She wrote a confession of her sins trying to sway the authorities. It didn’t work and soon she became the last woman hanged in Massachusetts.

Read Lindsay’s full post here: Top 10 Women Pirates, on The Odyssey Online.


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